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QUESTION:How long will Aluminate™ last, and how many times can it be re-used ?
ANSWER: Aluminate™ has an indefinite shelf life. The product can be re-used until its effectiveness starts to wear off.
In general, one (1) gallon or 3.74 Lt. of Aluminate™ will restore the surface on over 600 pounds or 272.4 Kg of Aluminum.  

QUESTION:Is Aluminate™ safe to transport ?
ANSWER: Aluminate™ is completely safe to transport by land, air, or water. It is non-hazardous and non-flammable, and ships by Postal, Courier, or regular Freight (Shipping Class 55 in the USA).

QUESTION:What size containers are used for packaging Aluminate™ ?
ANSWER: For our wholesale customers, Aluminate™ is available in either a 208 Liter (55 U.S. gallon) drum or a 1,040 Liter (275 U.S. gallon) Tote. One 208 Liter drum weighs approximately 600 pounds.    

QUESTION: After soaking metal in Aluminate™, is any further treatment required ?
ANSWER: The Aluminate™ should be rinsed off with water after treatment.
Tiny molecules of oxide will be dissolved in the Aluminate™ solution, and these molecules should be rinsed off or they could accelerate the re-formation of oxide on the aluminum surface.  
These particles can also create a dull finish to the treated aluminum if they are not removed.    

QUESTION:What is the ideal temperature for Aluminate™ to work most efficiently ? 
ANSWER: The ideal temperature for Aluminate™ to work most efficiently is 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
Aluminate becomes active at 120º F and is recommended for use at 140º F.  

QUESTION: Is there any way to quicken the rust removal rate ?
ANSWER: Yes, heating Aluminate™ to 180 degrees Fahrenheit will cut the rust removal rate in half.  
140◦ F is recommended because it will minimize the evaporation rate of the water and it will provide the best return on investment for the energy cost.
Above 140º F, there is a tradeoff between the energy cost and the time to de-rust.  

QUESTION:Is there any stress change to the aluminum after treatment with Aluminate™ ?
ANSWER: There will be no stress change in the aluminum due to treatment with Aluminate™.
The only change that will occur will be from the damage that resulted prior to any treatment with Aluminate™.

QUESTION: Is Aluminate safe for use on all aluminum and aluminum alloy materials ?
ANSWER: Aluminate has been tested on hundreds of aluminum and aluminum alloy materials, and the product has proven to be very effective without harming any of the aluminum surfaces. There are thousands of aluminum alloy mixtures and it would be impractical to test each one. 
However, we are confident that the lab results will be consistent with all types of aluminum alloy materials.  

QUESTION: If objects are soaked in Aluminate™ for extended periods of time (e. g. overnight), will Aluminate™ harm the metal ?  
ANSWER: No, objects can be immersed in Aluminate™ for an extended period of time without any damage.
One exception is if the objects are not fully submerged in Aluminate™.
In this situation, there could be a slight etching that forms at the water line.
Therefore, if soaking objects in Aluminate™ over an extended period of time, we recommend keeping the entire object submerged in the solution.
Since Aluminate™ requires heating to be effective, it is not energy efficient to keep items in the solution for an extended period of time.

QUESTION: Can I clean copper or brass with Aluminate™ ?
ANSWER: No, it will not clean any of these metals. Nor will it damage any of these metals.  It will not harm rubber, plastic, clothing, or glass either.

QUESTION:Is Aluminate™ a water-based or solvent-based solution ?
ANSWER: Aluminate™ is a water-based solution.  No solvents are used in this product.

QUESTION: What is the evaporation rate for Aluminate™ ?
ANSWER: The evaporation rate for Aluminate™ is the same as the evaporation rate for water.

QUESTION: How do I dispose of the spent solution ?
ANSWER: In the vast majority of cases, Aluminate™, can be disposed of in the local sewer system.  In its native state, Aluminate™, does not have any special disposal requirements.  However, after it is used to treat an object, the used solution will absorb some aluminum from the object being treated.  In these cases, check with your local Municipality to see if there are any specifications for releasing aluminum in waste water.  If there are no specs, simply pour the used Aluminate™ into the local sewer system.  If there are specs regulating the amount of aluminum that can be released in the waste water, simple dispose of the spent Aluminate™ a portion at a time to stay within the local requirements for disposal.  

QUESTION: Is there a way to extend the effectiveness of the Aluminate bath ?
ANSWER: Yes, the best way to maintain the effectiveness of the bath is to maintain the water level in the soaking tub.
Aluminate™ needs the right proportion of water to work effectively.
As the water evaporates from the soaking tub, it should be replaced with additional water (no new Aluminate™ needs to be added).
Skimming the grease and oil from the top of the used solution will also have a positive effect on prolonging the life of the soaking bath.  

QUESTION:What are the recommendations for replacing the used solution ?
ANSWER: Our recommendation is to completely replace the used solution once it loses its effectiveness.
Adding new Aluminate to a bath that is losing is effectiveness will not provide the most efficient use of the product.

QUESTION: With a pH range of 5.1 to 6.0, is there any need for protective clothing (e. g. gloves) when using Aluminate™ ?
ANSWER: No, there is no need for protective clothing when using Aluminate™.  
The pH for hair shampoo is typically 5.5.  
The pH for Aluminate™ does not pose any health risks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aluminate