• Rapidly removes oxide from aluminum and aluminum alloys. ​
  • Non-corrosive, non- flammable. 
  • Biodegradable, contains no VOC’s or HAP’s.
  • Contains no acids, solvents, or bases.
  • Safe on soft metals, plastic, rubber, PVC and other surfaces unharmed by hot water alone.


The transmission casing in the following photo was left untreated. In subsequent photos, this transmission casing is half treated with Aluminate™ to provide a good test case for the effectiveness of the product.  

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In the following photo, half of the transmission casing was treated with Aluminate™. Note the difference between the untreated side on the top of the photo and the side treated with Aluminate™ on the bottom of the photo.
Below is another view of the aluminum casing that was half treated with Aluminate™.  
Note how clearly the numbered engraving shows through on the half that was treated with Aluminate™.

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Below is another view of the transmission casing that was half treated with Aluminate™.
Note how the original luster of the aluminum has been restored.
Aluminate™ is a revolutionary new product that removes oxide from aluminum and aluminum alloy materials.  
  • This product is safe and easy to use.  
  • Simply immerse the rusted object in the Aluminate™ solution, and the rust will be removed quickly and easily.  
  • No scrubbing or brushing is required.  
  • This product will remove aluminum oxide without harming other materials.
  • It will not harm soft metals, plastic, rubber, PVC, and other surfaces that are not harmed by water alone.
  • Aluminate™ is non-corrosive and non-flammable.
  • It does not contain any petroleum solvents, acids, or alkalis.Aluminate™ is heavily used in the transportation industry for re-finishing engines and parts for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles.
  • Aluminum components such as engine blocks, engine heads, transmission casings, and wheels can be safely soaked in Aluminate™.
  • After approximately 15 minutes, all oil and grease will be removed, and the parts will come out shiny clean with their original luster restored.  
  • Unlike other carbon cleaners, Aluminate™ will not harm the aluminum.  
  • With the heated solution, released oil and grease will float to the top, where it can be easily skimmed and removed.  
  • Once the oil and grease are removed, the solution can be re-used.  
  • In general, one gallon of Aluminate™ will refinish over 600 pounds of aluminum.