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​​​​Flagship India recommends the use of Flagship India's specialized microbial culture in wastewater treatment along with Aspirating Aerator in aerobic treatment process.
Flagship India has separate specialized microbial solutions for aquaculture.
Advantages and features of Aspirating Aerator 
  1. No external aeration source needed. 
  2. Uses ambient air.
  3. Less Foam.
  4. Bubble size between 50- 150 micron, thus increased oxygen transfer efficiency.
  5. Dispersion to large diameter area due to design of turbine rotor blades.
  6. Efficient up to 2 m depth of liquid.
  7. Energy efficient.
  8. No moving parts (expect in the motor) and thus long product life.
  9. Can be used in both the batch tanks and lagoons.
  10. Extensively used in both aquaculture and wastewater treatment.

Aspirating Aerator

​Aspirating Aerator is a new generation of aeration equipment which is not only energy efficient but also creates smaller micron size bubbles (50-150 micron sizes), which increases and maintains dissolved oxygen (DO) in the liquid which is being aerated.
Flagship India provides great flexibility in specification of materials being used depending upon the final use of the products. 
In case of use of the Aspirating Aerator in wastewater highly polluted with corrosive chemicals, we use SS-316 shaft and coupling.
In general cases we make the aspirating aerator turbine with high density Polypropylene rotor and provide SS-304 shaft and coupling.