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Flowrate: With 0.25~0.50 HP centrifugal feed pump depending on feed water quality for 150~200 Lt./hour . 
  • It is a 4 stages plus UV system.
  • Micro bubble is introduced to the already purified water, after these 5 stages in the holding & re-circulation tank.
  • All housings are upflow models, made from UPVC and are capable of holding 20 " standard cartridges. 
  • 2 micron SS-316 Mesh Solids Removal Filter.
  • UF Membrane Module used in the system is FI-50 x 520 (UPVC).
  • Compacted 20 " Activated Carbon Block.
  • UV Lamp and System from Philips. 
  • Speciality Resins used for removal of Arsenic/ Fluoride/ Uranium etc. are from Resintech, USA. 
  • 0.25~0.50 HP centrifugal feed pump. 
  • 0.25 HP recirculation pump for Venturi & Micro Bubble Generator recirculation flow.
  • Pumps, plumbing, electrical parts used in the systems are all of international standard or conforming to client's specific country if so requested. ‚Äč

Automated Micro Bubble Enriched Drinking Water Treatment Systems