Automated Systems For Drinking Water Treatment

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Flagship India

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  • Due to the cost of sophisticated process automation components, these systems are only developed for flow requirements of 500 Lt. per hour or more.  
  • In the larger systems, the added cost is offset and becomes justified by enhanced efficiency, ease of operation, lower operational and maintenance costs etc. 
  • Only in situations of specific requirement and demand, Flagship India designs and produces smaller flowrate systems with automation.
  • Automation is done for operations of feed flow, backwash, pressure release for safety etc.
  • Tank level controllers which protect the pumps and the system are installed at extra cost as per demand of the client. 
  • Flow requirement based shut down switches are installed at extra cost.
  • Chemical cleaning and periodic maintenances still have to be done manually.
  • Cleaning of the Speciality Resin Filter has to be done manually.