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Instruments and controls described in the following sections are based upon general design criteria of Flagship India. 
Actual components used in a system is totally dependent upon specific need of the system and or client's requirement, reflected in the corresponding equipment and component list provided during sales.

The general requirements of automatic control: 
The UF  System control device is mainly on the optimization of UF process performance, to ensure the security and stability of production to ensure the UF membrane life, saving energy, reducing operating costs, facilitate on-site monitoring and operation of such aspects as the starting point of the design. 
The UF operation  process:  normal  water  production  -  flush  -  Backwash  -  flush  -  water production ... ... and so on according to a certain chronological cycles. 

Flagship India Hollow Fiber UF Membrane Systems adopts PLC control, control system components and their functions are as follows:

The timing control of UF System operation mode consist of: Variable-frequency Drive, Pressure Transmitter, Pressure Switch, Automatic Valve, and so on.
Overpressure control of UF System consist of:
  • PLC or Electrical Control Panel, pressure switches and other components. 
  • During filtration the high TMP is not good for long-term stable operation of UF system. 
  • So when TMP is higher, an alarm signal will be sent out so the user can then determine whether to perform chemical cleaning according to the actual situation.
Selection of Automatic control actuators:
  • Flagship India Hollow Fiber UF Membrane systems automatic control will use electric valves, pneumatic valves and solenoid valves. 
  • Electrical butterfly valves are also used which have a simple structure, easy operation, reliability, light weight, high flowrate and low cost characteristics.
Level interlock control: In order to ensure the automatic production process, stability, safe operation of equipment, the level interlock controls are set in the system. 

UF System Instrument Design:
  • Instrument selection for UF systems is to ensure that the systems meet technical specifications and design requirements to match production background.
  • All instrumentation were selected keeping in mind high reliability, low maintenance, easy installation and operation and protection features of highest-level of selected instrumentations.
  1. Flow meter: There is one set of produced water flow meter, feed water flow meter, backwash flow meter in each UF system.
  2. Pressure Gauge: Pressure Gauge is installed in UF inlet port, concentrated water port, produced water port.
  3. Pressure Switch: Pressure Switch is installed on UF backwash and inlet port for the system to stop running and provide alarm when the water pressure exceeds the design value.
  4. Water Level Switch: Water Level Switch is installed in raw water tank, produced water tank,with high, medium, and low level alarm fitted with corresponding pump interlock.

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Electrical and Instrument Design of Hollow Fiber UF Membrane Systems