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Basic Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

Schematic Diagram of Basic Effluent Treatment Plant in Parboiling or Puffed Rice Mill or similar industries. 
  • This diagram is for 16 MT per shift capacity Parboiling Rice Mill or Puffed Rice Mill or similar industries, which releases 18-20,000 Lt in a batch. 
  • Total processing time is 7-8 hours of which 4 hours are filtration time. 
  • The system will be ready to take in another batch in 3½ hours. 
  • Effectively, this system can process up to 100,000 Lt in 18 hours of a day.
  • For Puffed Rice Mills, the total processing time is 5 hours of which the filtration time is 3hours. 
  • Therefore, every 2½ hours the system can receive another batch of effluent.
  • In the case of Puffed Rice Mills, this system can treat 140,000 Lt in 18 hours of a day. 
  • For the mills with higher batch capacity or with multiple set of production infrastructure, the sub ground level accumulator should be larger to hold the effluent and a larger Treatment tank should be in place. 
  • Therefore, with small additions of machinery and infrastructure this system can be upgraded to process 140-200,000 Lt a day or more from a Parboiling Rice Mill or Puffed Rice Mill or similar industries.
  • Whoever does not have Heat Exchangers (which is not within the scope of our design & supply) or cannot afford, will have to build prior holding & equalization tank where temperature will be reduced through surface and other modes of aeration and recirculation. 
  • Cost of this equalization tank is always extra.