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1. U. S. Army
  • Armored units are especially susceptible to the impacts of Mother Nature.  
  • The cost of corrosion for the U. S. Department of Defense is approximately $20 billion per year.  
  • About 10% of the total costs, approximately $2 billion, is directly related to the Army’s ground vehicles, including the M1A1 Abrams Tanks.  
  • The resulting mass corrosion created a maintenance nightmare until Evapo-Rust was introduced to solve the problem (refer to CleanTech article, “Combating Corrosion” in Section II.).
2. U. S. Navy
  • In the Summer of 2004, the engine maintenance department of the US Naval shipyards in San Diego was on the verge of scrapping six large diesel engines which were badly rusted and in need of rebuilding.  
  • They had evaluated several methods of rust removal and all were rejected as being either too toxic, too dangerous for personnel, or likely to damage the engines.  
  • Then one of the engineers remembered that he had seen Evapo-Rust™ at a military conference.
  • After testing Evapo-Rust™, the US Navy decided Evapo-Rust™ was perfect for the job.  
  • A tank was constructed and the engines were dipped in the Evapo-Rust™ solution.  
  • The results were better than the Navy had expected.  
  • Evapo-Rust™ had removed all external and internal rust in less than 8 hours.  
  • The Navy has since embarked on a larger campaign to use Evapo-Rust™ on its small fleet engines and other ship parts.  

3. U. S. Air Force
  • The US Air Force uses Evapo-Rust™ to clean aircraft parts and maintenance tools.  
  • For instance, the motor inlet vanes from a Chinook helicopter have a number of edges that are hard to reach.
  • This was a perfect application for Evapo-Rust™.  
  • The vanes were soaked in Evapo-Rust™ for 8 hours and all rust was removed.  
  • The Air Force had similar success with their specialized tool kits.  
  • Before using Evapo-Rust™, the US Air Force maintenance crews would spend 6 to 8 hours, per tool kit, cleaning and wiping down tools.  
  • This was done with wire brushes, rags, and solvents – producing less than perfect results.  
  • Since using Evapo-Rust™, their cleanup time has been reduced to 1 to 2 hours (about an hour of which is soaking time).  
  • Actual cleaning takes between 30 to 45 minutes depending on the size of the tool kit.  
  • According to Air Force personnel, the time savings have been “unbelievable”.  

4. Steel Tubing Company
  • A large tubing wholesaler was storing tube stock in a non-climate controlled, 100,000 square foot warehouse in the Chicago area.  
  • The tubing rusted heavily in a short period of time.  
  • In order to remove the rust, the owner considered physically removing the rust with unskilled labor and grinders.  
  • He calculated the cost at $10 USD per 31 foot long tube.  
  • The inside portion of the tube would be left rusted.  
  • Acid dripping was also considered.  
  • Since acids were too dangerous to be allowed at the warehouse, the tubes would have to be sent out to a local pickling operation.  
  • The cost of loading, shipping, pickling and return shipping was more than $10 USD per tube and also left the tubes weakened by hydrogen embrittlement.
  • The owner decided that Evapo-Rust™ was the best solution for de-rusting the pipes. Evapo-Rust™ completely de-rusted all 700 tubes.  
  • The cost was approximately $4.90 USD per tube, far less than other alternatives.  

5. Heavy Equipment 
  • Quarry In Spain, stone quarries use huge saw blades to cut large slabs of marble.  
  • Each saw blade is 54 inches in diameter and 5 mm thick.  
  • Water is used to cool the blades during the cutting process.  
  • After cutting marble all day, a significant amount of rust builds up on each blade.  
  • The quarries use Evapo-Rust™ to clean 30 cutting disks each night.  
  • They build a 400 gallon tank to soak all 30 blades.  
  • The next morning, all 30 blades are de-rusted and ready for use.  

6. Automotive 
  • Evapo-Rust™ is used to remove rust from rotors, radiators and cooling systems, under carriages, and brake calipers (without damaging any seals or gaskets).  
  • Tools with rubber grips are also dipped in the solution to remove rust without any damage to the rubber handles.

7. Agricultural Equipment
  • Evapo-Rust™ has also been used successfully to re-furbish farm equipment.  
  • The solution has completely removed rust from tractor engines, radiators, water pumps, carburetors, generator brackets and bolts, fender brackets, and U-bolts.
  • It has also been used to re-furbish heavier field equipment such as reapers, bailers, conveyers, and trucks.

8. Gunsmithing
  • Forensic laboratories use Evapo-Rust™ to remove rust from recovered firearms.  
  • Once the rust is removed from the firearm, ammunition can be safely removed prior to laboratory analysis for forensic evidence.  
  • Gun owners also use Evapo-Rust™ to remove rust from their shotguns, rifles, and hand guns.   
  • Chain Manufacturing Facility
  • A factory that makes steel chains needed to remove all rust before applying an anti-rust coating.  
  • They found that acid rust removers weakened the chain strength.  
  • After soaking chains in Evapo-Rust, they found that all the rust was removed and there was no impact in the chain strength. 

9.  Heavy Equipment Maintenance
  • Large construction equipment, such as that provided by Caterpillar and Komatsu, is very costly to maintain.  
  • Mechanics disassemble rusted engines, radiators, transmissions, and other parts.
  • Evapo-Rust™ is used to re-furbish these expensive parts so they can continue to be used.  
  • Acid based treatments damaged these critical parts, requiring them to be completely replaced at a much higher cost.

10.  Water Treatment Plant
  • A water treatment plant converts sea water to drinking water.  
  • This plant has numerous pipes and valves.  
  • These valves are very complex and are made from a steel alloy, rubber, and other types of metals.  
  • The company uses Evapo-Rust™ to remove the rust from these valves and keep them in working condition. 

11. Food Can Plant
  • At this plant, food cans on the production line rusted before they were painted.  
  • The factory used WD-40 to treat the rust, with poor results.  
  • Evapo-Rust™ was then selected as a rust remover, and effectively removed the rust in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.  

12.  Auto Parts Manufacturer
  • Disc brakes were moved from the production line to storage.  
  • Within three days in storage, these brakes started to rust.  
  • Sand blasting removed the rust on the flat surfaced, but was unable to reach the rust in the mounting holes.  
  • Evapo-Rust™ provided perfect solution and removed the rust from all surfaces of the brakes.

13. Bicycle Parts Factory
  • At this bicycle factory, wheel rims were rusting before plating.  
  • Buffing, sanding, sand blasting, and acid treatment were either not effective or damaged the wheel rims.  
  • Evapo-Rust™ solved the problem and removed all rust without damaging the rims.

14.  Valve Repair
  • At this factory, check valves sized at 48” in diameter were sent to a third party for sand blasting.  
  • This was a time consuming and expensive process (approximately $500 for each valve).  
  • The company switched to Evapo-Rust and saved both time and moneywhile completely removing the rust.  

16. Engine Cooling Systems
  • The cooling systems for automobiles and trucks can develop rust that restricts the flow of the engine coolant and causes the engines to overheat.
  • Replacing the coolant with Evapo-Rust™ and running the engine for several days will remove the interior rust from the radiator, water pump, and cooling system without disassembling the engine.  
  • Evapo-Rust™ provides a very effective and inexpensive solution to this problem.  

Evapo-Rust Case Studies