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  • All housings are upflow models, made from UPVC and are capable of holding 20 " standard cartridges. 
  • 2 micron SS-316 Mesh Solids Removal Filter. 
  • UF Membrane Module used in the system is FI-50 x 520 (UPVC).
  • Compacted 20 " Activated Carbon Block.
  • UV Lamp and System from Philips. 
  • Speciality Resins used for removal of Arsenic/ Fluoride/ Uranium etc. are from Resintech, USA. 
  • 0.25 HP or 0.1 HP centrifugal pump. Pumps, plumbing, electrical parts used in the systems are all of international standard or conforming to client's specific country if so requested. 
Flowrate depending upon feed water quality:
  • With 0.25 HP centrifugal pump: 100~150 Lt./hour . 
  • With 0.1 HP centrifugal Pump: 50~60 Lt./hour.
  • With the manual hand pump: 20~30 Lt./hour.
  • With Diaphragm Hand Pump 30~40 Lt./hour.
  • By gravity with pressure of more than 15 psi, in case of installation in a multi storied building for example, the flow would be 40~50 Lt./hour.
  • Gravity pressure is 0.43 psi per foot for fresh water and 0.44 psi per foot for sea water. 
  • So,for each additional 10 feet of height, figure about 4.3 to 4.4 psi increase in pressure.
To view a PDF version of the design and specification of the UF membrane FI-20 x 520 (UPVC) module, which has been used in these systems, click on this button 
This system has been designed for use with and without electricity or available running water.
There are two systems and both are manually operated during backwash and cleaning. 
First one is made as per design FI-1005A with three stages of filtration plus UV (optional). 
Second one is made as per designFI-1005D with 4 stages of filtration plus UV (optional).
This system can be utilized in the treatment of difficult feed waters with high degree of suspended solids such as: muddy water, flood water, storm water run off, rural water source like containment pond water etc.

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