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Cooling System Cleaner

Removing Rust from Automotive, Truck, Bus, or Heavy Equipment Cooling Systems
  • Cooling System Cleaner has proven to be a very effective method for removing rust from the cooling systems of automobiles, trucks, buses, and heavy construction equipment.
  • Once rust builds up in the cooling systems of these vehicles, it restricts the flow of the coolant and causes the engines to operate at a dangerously high temperature.  
  • The higher operating temperature will eventually cause the vehicles to overheat and can create serious failures in various components of the engine, including the engine block, valve heads, water pump, and gaskets.
  • Cooling System Cleaner will remove all rust in the cooling systems without requiring the disassembly of any engine parts, resulting in a significant cost savings in parts and labor.
  • Cooling System Cleaner works so well in this type of application that several of our customers have decided to private label Evapo-Rust as a specialized cooling system cleaning product (e. g. Cooling System Cleaner).
  • Harris International Laboratories has thoroughly tested Cooling System Cleaner using a flexible boroscope to evaluate the results.
  • In every test case, the rust was completely removed from all components of the cooling system.  
Engines were taken apart to verify the test results.  
As a result of the successful internal tests, Cooling System Cleaner  has been used in the following production applications:  
1. Used to treat the cooling systems on school buses in Oregon.  
2. Currently sold in Texas 
3. Used to remove rust from the cooling systems of heavy construction equipment in  Australia.
4. Used to clean and refurbish disassembled radiators in South America 

Cooling System Cleaner is re-usable, and a single batch of Cooling System Cleaner was used to clean the cooling systems of three buses.

The effective life of the Cooling System Cleaner treatment will depend on the level of rust being removed from the cooling system.
One batch of Cooling System Cleaner will typically clean the rust from the cooling systems of three vehicles.
The application of Cooling System Cleaner should follow the steps shown below.
1. Drain all anti-freeze from the cooling system.
2. Rinse with water to ensure all of the anti-freeze is out of the system. 
3. Fill the cooling system with Cooling System Cleaner and seal the system.
4. The time for cleaning will depend on the type of user:    
a. End user - keep Cooling System Cleaner in the vehicle for 1-2 days.    
b. Service provider - run the vehicle for around 20 minutes, then let stand.  Repeat process every two hours for one eight hour period (one work day).
5. Once the holding time in the cooling system has elapsed, drain the Cooling System Cleaner from the cooling system and rinse the system with water. This final rinse will remove any rust particles that were in suspension and that may cling to the walls of the cooling system, causing the system to re-rust.
6. After the final flush with water, add an anti-freeze to the system and put the vehicle back in use.
Please note: Cooling System Cleaner has the same qualities as water and it will freeze in temperatures below 0ยบ Celsius.  
Therefore, Cooling System Cleaner should not be left in the cooling system for an extended period of time in temperatures below the freezing point without the engine running.  If Cooling System Cleaner freezes in the cooling system, it can cause damage to the engine.