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Flagship India

Crossflow design of our Hollow Fiber UF Membrane Modules allows the system to take much higher load of solids and thus extends the product life significantly.​
Flagship India also broke the barrier of price and made available benefits of micro air bubbles in our Micro Bubble Enriched Drinking Water Filtration Systems FI-1005A-MB  and  FI-1005DA-MB  at an affordable price to consumers. ​
​Customers can now enjoy the pure drinking water enriched with micro bubbles at home or at their facilities like restaurants, hotels, resorts etc.
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Drinking Water Treatment Systems

These systems can be utilized in the treatment of difficult feed waters such as: muddy water, flood water, storm water run off, rural water source like containment pond water etc. with high degree of suspended solids.
These systems will enable people to avail drinking water at places where and situations when, bottled drinking water was the only solution earlier.

Drinking Water treatment Systems from Flagship India uses standard replaceable parts, only exception being the unique 2 micron SS Mesh Solids Removal Filter Cartridges made by Flagship India, which has got a very long working life.
The client can enjoy the freedom of being able to avail the other components and spares, easily anywhere in the world without being dependent solely on
Flagship India. ​