Providing Sustainable Green Technology Solutions 

Flagship India

  • Even after warranty period our qualified support staffs provide advice if needed, to clients on issues of maintenance and operation.
  • If required pre-negotiated visits are arranged through our associated service providing companies (depending on country) for repairs and other operational issues.Spare parts are made available to the clients, whenever there is a need.
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  • Flagship India manufactures international standard equipments for the purpose of use in all water and wastewater treatment projects. 
  • Customized solutions are provided by Flagship India engineers for various kind of industry problems including automation.
  • All  equipments that are produced are custom made or made according to the specifications of the project involved.
  • Equipment are tested before shipment at our facilities to check for the integrity of the system.
  • Thorough testing is done for hydraulic load bearing capacities.
  • After the sales and installation of equipment, continuous service is provided 24 x 7 from our office in India or by our distributors according to the terms of sale within the warranty period.
  • We believe in having long term relation with all our customers.