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A Few Existing Clients Of Evapo-Rust.....
  • U. S. Military - Army, Navy, Air Force (NSN 6850-01-498-3606). 
  • National Aeronautic & Space Administration (NASA).
  • General Motors (cars, trucks).
  • Daimler AG (cars, trucks).
  • Mack Trucks (tractor trailers).
  • Caterpillar (heavy construction equipment).
  • Amtrak (trains, buses).
  • PT Pertamina (Persero) Oil & Gas (6 Refineries).
  • Wilmar International Limited (Asia’s leading agribusiness group).
  • Arrow Energy (Natural gas production & distribution).
Evapo-Rust™ is a revolutionary new product that removes rust in a safe, easy to use, and environmentally friendly manner.  
This product is an award winning rust remover for the 21st Century.  
  • Based on extensive research and years of development, this product has been proven effective to remove even deep rust on all types of mild steel and iron. Evapo-Rust™ will de-rust without dismantling.
  • Evapo-Rust™ will not harm copper, brass, aluminum, plastic, rubber, vinyl, solder points or lead.  
  • Even more amazing, Evapo-Rust™ will not remove non-oxide coatings, such as paint or chrome that are still bonded to the surface.  
  • Evapo-Rust™ only attacks rust and leaves other materials intact.  
  • No special equipment or protective wear is required.  
  • Simply immerse the rusted parts in the solution and let soak for a period of time.  
  • Evapo-Rust™ removes rust through a process of selective chelation, a natural chemical process that removes iron molecules selectively from iron oxide. 
  • Light rust may be removed in as little as 5 minutes, while heavy rust may require an overnight soaking.  No scrubbing is required.  
  • Evapo-Rust™ can be used over and over until performance drops off.  
  • On average, one (1) gallon or 3.74 Lt. of Evapo-Rust™ will remove ½ pound or 227 gm. of pure dry rust, which equates to approximately 300 pounds or 136.078 Kg. of moderately rusted steel.
  • This product is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable, and has no fumes or bad odors.
  • Evapo-Rust™ is water soluble, safe on hands, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • Other products may inhibit the formation of rust, but Evapo-Rust™ is the most effective product for removing rust once the oxidation process has started.
  • This revolutionary new product is used across a number of industries, replacing older and outdated methods of rust removal such as sand-blasting or harmful chemical baths, both of which have their inherent problems.
  • In comparison with other methods of rust removal, Evapo-Rust™ has proven to be the most cost-effective solution when all cost factors are considered.
  • The effectiveness, safety, cleanliness, and cost of this product have encouraged an early adoption by the United States Department of Defense, including the U. S. Army, the U. S. Navy, and the U. S. Air Force.
  • Other industries are quickly discovering the advantages of Evapo-Rust™ including Foundries, Manufacturing facilities, Steel Mills, Machine Shops, Tool & Die Manufacturers, Automotive companies, Public Transportation Systems, Water Companies, Commercial Transportation Companies, Construction Companies, and Marine Maintenance Companies.
  • Any activity that exposes metal to moisture can result in rust, and Evapo-Rust™ is the number one product for rust removal and metal restoration.
  • There is no other product with these unique characteristics on the market.