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When you need to separate particles smaller than 2 micron, you should use cutting edge Hollow Fiber UF Membrane Systems after the SS Mesh Solids Removal Filters to complete filtration requirement efficiently. 
Electrical Drive requirement for the system skid: 
  • Generally Flagship India uses 2 HP centrifugal, non clog pumps as drive source for 1M housing body module assembly. 
  • Depending upon requirement, positive displacement pumps are used which attracts higher costs. 
  • For systems with modules for higher flow demand, larger pumps are required according to the design and requirement.
Features and Specifications of SS Mesh Solids Removal Filter: 
The equipment skid is made of either 2 module or 4 module blocks depending on flow requirements. 
In the 4 module blocks, all the 4 modules can be operated in parallel or they can also be used as 2 in parallel and 2 in series formation by adjusting the Valves according to need.
SS Mesh Filter Cartridge, an everlasting solution................ 
  1. Flagship India uses SS-304, SS-316 and SS-316 L mesh with Dutch Weave, in different pore sizes from 2 micron to 50 micron, depending upon the requirement of particular project or upon order from the client.  
  2. The seam of the cartridge is either welded with homogeneous SS material or with modified polymer material (based upon specific need).
  3. Both of them are very robust against corrosive chemicals including Ozone and also can be used at a very high temperature( housing will be special grade SS in such cases.
  4. SS mesh filter cartridges can be cleaned chemically .
  5. Our seam welding of the cartridges can easily withstand a pressure of in excess of 5 kg/ .
  6. Inner structural supporting core of the cartridge is made from either perforated UPVC pipe of 10 Kg/ pressure bearing capacity, or from perforated SS-304, SS-316 or SS-316 L sheet in the pipe size of DN 50.
  7. Male Connection Port sizes of the cartridges are DN 50.
  8. In cases of smaller cartridges for drinking water pre-filtration before hollow fiber ultra filtration, male connection port sizes are smaller.
Robust Housing Module: 
  • Housing modules are made in two parts. 
  • Every module housing hosts 3 cartridges made out of micron size pore, SS Mesh.
  • Main body which houses the filtration cartridges is fitted with inlet and cross flow outlet ports of size DN 63. 
  • Housing is made from 200 mm ID (internal diameter) UPVC Pipe or rolled and welded Stainless Steel sheet of 1.5 mm-3 mm thickness depending on operating pressure requirement. 
  • Height of this main body is maximum 1000 mm or 1 M. 
  • Height is lower for modules needing smaller flow rate which thus needs lesser filtration surface area.
  • For equipments with larger flow demands, housing is of larger diameter and lower height. 
  • This type of larger housing can hold up to 75 cartridges depending upon the demand of flowrate.
  • Inner surface of the housing is electro-polished ( in case of SS housing) upon specific requirement.
  • The cap which seals the module housing is made from SS sheet SS-304, SS-316 or SS-316-L  depending upon the need of the project. 
  • The cap assembly has two ports, filtrate outlet port and backwash inlet port. 
  • Both ports are of DN 50 size.
  • The cap assembly also has three cartridge fitting female ports of DN 50 size.
  • The cap and the main housing body is coupled by flange joint. 
  • All bolts used are made of SS-304 or SS-316 depending upon the model.
  • High quality Neoprene or Teflon or Silicone Gasket is used inside the flange joint according to requirment.

Configuration Of SS Mesh Solids Removal Filter