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​​The treated products arrive in tact without any need for further action.  
​Other treatments require petroleum based coatings to protect the metal during shipping; and these coatings must be removed prior to use, increasing the total cost for using these other products.   
Step 3: When finished, rinse the item with water and let dry. If deep rust remains in pits, re-immerse item until all the rust is gone. Un-rusted metal will not be affected.

​Step 4: To prevent flash rusting, spray or dip the item back into a clean batch of Evapo-Rust™, then allow item to dry. This will prevent rust for up to four weeks.Evapo-Rust™ removes rust and provides a rust inhibitor coating that is excellent for shipping. 

Step 1: Pour a sufficient amount of Evapo-Rust™ solution to completely cover the rusted object into a container.

Step 2: Immerse the rusted object in the solution and leave it for 5 minutes for light rust or overnight for extremely heavy rust, no scrubbing necessary.

How to Use Evapo-Rust™
Evapo-Rust™ is a water based solution that is safe, effective, and easy to use.  Its liquid structure allows it to perform a complete job, reaching into crevices, pitted holes, and other hard to reach spaces.  
Follow four easy steps and let the chemical agent do the work.  
  • Evapo-Rust™ works through selective chelation at a pH of 6.1 to 7.0 (neutral).
  • This is a process in which a large synthetic molecule forms a bond with metals and holds them in solution. Most chelating agents bind many different metals.
  • The active ingredient in Evapo-Rust™ bonds to iron exclusively.
  • It can remove iron from iron oxide but is too weak to remove iron from steel where the iron is held much more strongly.
  • Once the chelating agent has removed the iron, a sulfur bearing organic molecule pulls the iron away from the chelator and forms a ferric sulfate complex which remains water soluble.
  • This frees the chelating agent to remove more iron from rust.    

How Evapo-Rust Works