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  • Hydrocyclone Systems can provide an economical and effective method for removal of solid particles in the sizes range of 4 to 100+ micron from various liquids with high load of solids in a slurry stage.
  • ​Hydrocyclone typically makes finer separations than practically possible with screening methods and at significantly higher capacities of flow.
  • In many applications Hydrocyclone can also be used in place of Decanter Centrifuges, providing the desired result at a much lower cost.
  • In many cases, it eliminates the need of costly and space and energy consuming scrappers to separate the solids from DAF or IAF systems. 
  • Because of lower solid to water ratio in the separated slurry from a Hydrocyclone System, any need of a filter press is also sized down thereby saving further capital.
  • In the cases where compostable organics are higher in percentage in the slurry, we recommend composting of the sludge slurry to save cost and add value to output.
System Configuration: 
  • Hydrocyclone System is supplied in either an open-manifold for lower flow requirements (as shown here) or in a Packed-Vessel configuration for higher flow demand. 
  • Packed Vessels contain number of cyclones according to flow demand. 
  • Packed Vessel configurations can process feed rates from 10 to 3,000 gallons per minute, depending on the number of hydrocyclone installed in the system.

Hydrocyclone Systems