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Micro Bubble Enriched Water
Flowrate: With 0.1 HP centrifugal feed pump: 50 Lt. / hour.
  1. It is a system with 3 stages plus UV purification. 
  2. Micro bubble is introduced to the already purified water, after these 4 stages in the holding & recirculation tank.
  3. All housing are made of UPVC and are for holding standard 10" cartridges.
  4. 2 micron SS-316 Mesh Sediment Removal Filter from Flagship India.
  5. UF Membrane Module FI-204(ABS)
  6. Compacted Activated Carbon Block. 
  7. UV Lamp and system from Philips, 
  8. Speciality Resins used for removal of Arsenic/Fluoride/Uranium etc. are from Resintech, USA. 
  9. 0.1 HP centrifugal feed pump.
  10. 0.25 HP centrifugal recirculation pump for Venturi and Micro Bubble Generator recirculation flow.
  11. 10 Lt. Holding and Recirculation Tank made out of clear polycarbonate.
  12. All the plumbing is done with push type flexible pipe connectors, valves & fittings.
  13. All pipelineare done with food grade PE flexible pipes.
  14. Pumps, plumbing, electrical parts used in the systems are all of international standard or conforming to client's specific country if so requested.
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Micro Bubble Enriched Drinking Water Treatment Systems