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Flagship India

Our Services

Our services include drinking water and wastewater treatment systems and are available worldwide through our network of distributors.
  1. Sale of Equipment: Flagship India offers equipment for both drinking water and wastewater treatment projects and systems. 
  2. View the Equipment section for wastewater treatment and Drinking Water section for equipment and schematic diagrams for drinking water treatment. 
  3. Providing integrated systems and solutions: for all types of effluent water treatment ranging from Rice Mill ETP  to other organic waste waters from a wide variety of food processors eg. palm oil, potato, soy, corn.   
  4. Retrofitting of existing water and wastewater treatment systems: updating your present system to improve the overall efficiency and potentially lower costs; and to update your system to comply with present regulatory requirements.
  5. Consultancy: Special project consultation is available by our highly qualified engineering and research staff.  All projects are priced on a case by case basis. ​Costs are based on a per diem basis plus travelling expenses and lodging if required.