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All About Rust
  • Rust is the result of a conversion process that takes place when oxygen and moisture come into contact with metal.
  • The oxygen and water combine with iron to create a brown coating (hydrated ferric oxide) on the surface of the metal.
  • The interaction between the water and iron is accelerated if salts are added to the mix.
  • Because the oxide that is created is bulky and porous, it allows oxygen access to the iron below, causing additional oxidation.
  • If allowed to continue, the iron metal will be completely converted to ferric oxide or solid rust, which is weak and flaky.
  • Once the rust starts, it can even travel under paint forcing the paint away from the metal, allowing more moisture and oxygen to come into contact with the metal surface.
  • In the U. S. alone, rust is responsible for $340 billion dollars of damage on an annual basis.
  • It causes deterioration of equipment and metal parts, resulting in high replacement costs.  
  • It also affects new products kept in storage, resulting in high disposal costs.
  • Rust is a naturally occurring condition that has had a dramatic impact on our environment throughout time.
  • Until recently, the only ways to combat rust were through rust inhibitors or through rust removers such as mechanical (blasting) or chemical (acid) processes, which can harm the metal and surrounding materials.
  • Inhibitors are only good if they are applied prior to the formation of rust.
  • Once rust has formed, more elaborate steps need to be taken to remove the rust.
  • Now there is a more effective, safer, and less expensive way to remove rust.
  • With Evapo-Rust™, simply soak the rusted material in the Evapo-Rust™ solution and let the de-rusting chemistry do the work.
  • No scrubbing, special equipment, toxic chemicals, or special treatment is required.  

Rust Removal