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Flagship India

  • Flagship India has developed these  filtration systems are developed to remove sediment or particles larger than 2 micron from drinking water as pre-filtration step to Ultra Filtration (UF) or Reverse Osmosis (RO).​
  • Material of contruction: SS-304 or higher to allow chemical and corrosion resistance.
  • Filtration Media: 2, 5 or 10 micron pore sized dutch weave SS Mesh, made with SS-316 wire is used over the back support of perforated SS-316 pipe to form cartridges.
  • Multiple cartridges are fitted in the filter housing depending upon flow demand.
  • Housing Body: Made out of SS-304 or higher material capable of withstanding 7Kg/ pressure or higher depending upon intended use is provided.
  • Automation: On demand production of totally automated system with control panel is arranged.

Sediment Removal Filter For Drinking Water Application