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This 3 stages plus UV Drinking Water treatment System has been developed for a commercial complex. This design is used for systems with flowrate requirements from 500 Lt. to 1000 Lt. per hour.
This 3 stages plus UV system was developed and installed in a hospital under Indian Army outfit Border Security Force's administration at the Frontier Hospital Guwahati city, in the state of Assam, India.
Possible Flow rate
(Depending upon feed water quality) :
  1. With 0.4 HP centrifugal pump: 400~500 Lt./hour .
  2. With 0.7 HP centrifugal Pump: 500~700 Lt./hour .
  3. With 1 HP centrifugal pump: 700~1000 Lt./hour .
  1. All housings are downflow model in system on the left and upflow models for system on the right (look at the videos above), made from UPVC and are capable of holding 20 " standard cartridges.
  2. 2 micron SS-316 Mesh Solids Removal Filters made by Flagship India (3 pieces for the system on the left and 2 pieces for the system of the right side).
  3. UF Membrane Modules used (3 pieces for system on the left and 2 pieces. for the system on the right side) in the systems are FI-50 x 520 (UPVC). 
  4. For systems with flow rate from 700~1000 Lt./ hour, a single UF Membrane module FI-90-100KH is used.
  5. Compacted 20 " Activated Carbon Block (3 for system on the left and 2 for system on the right side). 
  6. UV Lamp and System from Philips, 
  7. Speciality Resins used for removal of Arsenic/ Fluoride/ Uranium etc. are from Resintech, USA. 
  8. 0.4 or 0.7 or 1HP centrifugal feed pump, as per flow requirement.
  9. Pumps, plumbing, electrical parts used in the systems are all of international standard or conforming to client's specific country if so requested. 
  • The pictures above and the videos below is about the manufacturing, testing and installation of two Drinking Water Treatment Systems as per design                FI-1005A  which is non -automated, 3 stages plus UV filtration unit with drinkable water output of 500 Lt. / hour designed to tackle raw feed water containing high load of suspended solids including mud. 
  • Type of water sources this system can tackle includes rural ponds, wells, river or lake water, flood water, storm water of non saline nature.
  • Other systems available in the market generally chokes easily while facing such feed water sources.
  • Robust design and features of Flagship India systems allow the system to run properly, even under those above mentioned adverse conditions.
  • With a generator to run the pump, it can even be deployed in the outdoor, during flood or any such natural disaster to provide drinking water for the people.
  • This system can be developed for any flowrate requirement from 500 Lt. to 1000 Lt. per hour.
  • Systems with larger flow requirement have a different design and they are custom made.
  • Contact Flagship India for any such enquiry.​
These systems can be utilized for the treatment of difficult feed waters with high degree of suspended solids such as:   muddy water, flood water, storm water run off, rural water source like containment pond water etc.​

Small Community Systems