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Packed skid in partially dismantled condition is waiting at the port before being loaded in the container. 
SS Mesh Solids Removal Filters are used both in drinking water and wastewater treatment systems.
  • Need of proper primary filtration to take out larger size suspended solids and sediments before Ultra Filtration (UF) or Nano Filtration (NF)  or Reverse Osmosis (RO) had seen traditional sand & gravel filter being used widely. 
  • They are quite large in size and difficult to maintain if there are high amount of suspended solids in the liquid. 
  • There are many artificial media trying to replace the use of Sand & Gravel, available in the market. 
  • But they also have the same problem with liquids containing high load of suspended solids . 
  • Sand & Gravel filters are in many areas been replaced by Polypropylene (PP) cartridges made in many different types (spun, wound, spiral wound etc.) during the last one & half decade. 
  • Those PP cartridges can be operated at relatively lower pressure. 
  • They work well enough with low suspended solids concentration in the liquid, but they tend to choke easily in cases where the suspended solids load is higher. 
  • The high replacement frequency of the PP cartridges impacts the operation cost in a big way. 
  • Another method available is filtration by sintered metal cartridges. 
  • They require very high pressure ( pressure drop of up to 90 % across the cartridges for 1-2 micron pore size media) and thus bring in high energy cost resulting in huge operating expenses. 

Flagship India solution to the problem of filtration of liquid media with high load of suspended solids: 

  1. Flagship India have adapted specially woven SS mesh as filtration media. 
  2. The special Dutch Weave allows for non clog operation with high suspended solids load liquid media at much lower pressure than  traditional sintered media. 
  3. Even for cartridges made with 2 micron pore size SS Mesh, pressure drop is not more than 50% ). 
  4. Pressure drop is related to solids loading rate on the filtration media also.  
  5. So we have adopted cross flow method in our equipment to help sustain the flow. 
  6. To that end, pressure release valves in the plumbing line and pressure switches and timers are integrated with the electrical control of the pump, to enable periodic cleaning and smooth operation.

Stainless Steel Mesh Solids Removal Filter