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For details of the Flagship India Hollow Fiber UF Membrane Modules used in different systems, go to the pages of PVDF, PP or PVC UF Membranes Modules.
12.5 M3 / Hour Hollow Fiber Ultra Filtration Membrane Skid with 1808 Modules
  1. Hollow Fiber UF Membranes can remove colloids, suspended solids (SS), colour, turbidity, bacterium, high molecular weight Substances. 
  2. Because only high molecular weight species are removed, the osmotic pressure differential across the UF Membrane surface is negligible.
  3. Low applied pressures are therefore sufficient to achieve high flux rates from an Ultrafiltration membrane. 
  4. So, with high tensile strength, small Trans Membrane Pressure (TMP), good backwash efficiency, pollution resistance Flagship India Hollow Fiber UF Membrane Systems can work for a longer time & ensure the produced water quality.
  5. Hollow Fiber High Porosity Advantage: High Porosity = Higher Flux. 
  6. The porosity of Hollow Fibers in Flagship India UF Membrane Modules is approximately 90% . 
  7. There are over tens of millions of micro-pore filtration channels in 1 cm long hollow fiber. 
  8. The filtration water channel is intensive, unit membrane area's pore quantity is higher than similar products, which ensures the filtration precision and increase the output flux.
For Operating conditions, cleaning and maintenance procedure of the Hollow Fiber Ultra Filtration (UF) Membranes go the page: 

Holow Fiber (HF) Ultra Filtration (UF) Membrane Systems

Suitable for following applications:
  • Drinking water production (raw water as tap water, ground water, surface water, etc.). 
  • Reuse of sewage (filtration of secondary effluent). 
  • Pretreatment for RO membrane process (seawater desalination, wastewater reuse, industrial water production). 
  • Reuse of industrial wastewater. 

​​Operation type: Crossflow in case of wastewater or water with high load of suspended solids. Recovery Rate will be 75%. ​

Or full flow in case of drinking water treatment from feed water of municipal quality (consult Flagship India before deciding upon operation type). 
  • Typically UF membranes will remove high molecular-weight substances, colloidal materials, and organic and inorganic polymeric molecules.
  • Low molecular-weight organics and ions such as sodium, calcium, magnesium chloride, and sulfate are not removed by UF Membranes. 
  • Log Reduction Rate of Micro-organism, Virus: 99.99 %,  
  • Log Reduction Rate of SS: 100 %  
  • Filtered Water Quality: Turbidity ≤ 0.2 NTU, ​SDI ≤ 3