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  • Operating temperature range: 5-45º C 
  • Maximum free chlorine concentration in cleaning solution is 1000 ppm for PVDF membranes, ​3000 ppm for PP Membranes and 200 ppm for Modified PVC & PES Membranes.
  • In raw feed water maximum allowable free Chlorine concentration is 200 ppm for PVDF membranes, 300 ppm for PP Membranes and 150 ppm for modified PVC and PES membranes.
  • Viscosity in inlet feed water is ≤12 cp. 
  • COD at inlet in feed water is ≤ 500 ppm.
  • BOD at inlet in feed water is ≤ 500 ppm.
  • TSS at inlet in feed water is ≤ 200 ppm.
Mode of operation In wastewater treatment: 
  1. We use outside to in form of filtration in cross flow mode to minimize the chance of clogging of the membrane modules. 
  2. Pressure Release Valve and electrical Pressure Switch is provided on the skid to avoid pressure build ups which may cause bursting of the hollow membrane fibers.
  3. Feed water is inserted through an inlet spout into the membrane module body. 
  4. Special Potting Design gives strength to the membrane assembly.
  5. Produced water is collected by two ports at both ends through the end caps.
Using Conditions:
  • pH range: 3-10 (2-12 when doing cleaning). 
  • Max. ​input water turbidity: 15NTU Max. 
  • Max. feed water pressure: 0.20 MPa 
  • Pretreatment filter mesh size: ≤ 50 micron. 
  • Oil concentration in raw water must be < 2 mg/L, otherwise it must be removed  by pretreatment. 
  • Synthetic Oil in wastewater should be NIL.
  • Design pure water flux: Check the module specification.
  • Max. TMP (Trans-Membrane Pressure): 0.15MPa (chemical cleaning is needed when TMP is more than 0.1MPa). 

UF Membrane Operating Conditions