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All industrial waste water requires treatment of some kind or as in some countries including some states of USA, the effluent is pumped back down into the ground negatively effecting the quality of the aquifer in the long run.
Flagship India has taken up the challenge and has developed clarification systems to accommodate the removal of pollutants from various effluents to assist in enabling the reuse of industrial wastewater, which contributes mightily to overall water conservation and better water management. 
​These systems were developed taking into consideration the finances of third world industrial companies.
​These systems are both highly efficient and affordable and will provide the industry with the opportunity to reuse it's water, thereby contributing to overall water conservation programs.

It has long been established that water is mankind's most precious resource.  
​This fact has led Flagship India toward creating  systems to solve the problems associated with the reuse of industrial wastewater, which is a major contributor in daily water consumption.  
Industrial wastewater is derived from various sources, including processors of organic products such as rice, potatoes, corn, soy and sugar. 
These industries all have similar problems in what to do with the effluent water emanating from their mills. 
A variety of different procedures have been developed for each category since the main pollutants in the effluents are essentially different.   
  • ​In the case of paper mills, the main pollutant in effluent is primarily cellulose.
  • For rice, corn and potatoes, the main pollutant in effluent is primarily starch and Lignin. 
  • For soya and pulses the main pollutant in effluent includes oils, proteins and carbohydrates.  
  • ​Pesticide manufacturers, petrochemicals and steel mills will have the problem of the presence of phenol, cyanide etc. 
The list goes on......
Think about the impact if we can process and reuse wastewater everywhere in the world, saving valuable ground water resources for the population and environment alike.
This is possible and Flagship India is prepared to take on the challenges with it's innovative cutting edge technologies to accomplish that goal.

Wastewater Treatment