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Flagship India

We request our clients to furnish as much details as possible and as applicable. 
More data means more accuracy in understanding a given situation. 
  • For example a person with no treatment facility at present can submit one form with water analysis at source point and another with his/her expected result after Flagship India puts up an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) or a specialized equipment or system for the treatment of the water or wastewater.
  • Another person with existing treatment facility should at least fill up one form with result after present treatment systems and another with what minimum betterment is expected from the proposed ETP or equipment or systems deployed by Flagship India
  • Though a more detailed submission like three forms (one with analysis of water or wastewater at source point, one after present treatment systems and the third about expected and required minimum results after Flagship India systems are put to work) is always the best possible way to move the matters further forward effectively and quickly. 
  • Those information along with other details we expect you to furnish while filling up and submitting the enquiry form about your Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), will effectively help Flagship India determine what kind of equipment or systems you may need and their specifications.
Please help us to serve you better.
If you do not have any water analysis done or finding it difficult to find a good laboratory to do the analysis, wherever in the world you are, you can get in touch with Flagship India and we will arrange it for you, against a most reasonable fee.

Water Analysis Report